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Kevin Hill

Kevin spent the first 20 years of his career in senior positions with health plan carriers and is now a highly regarded industry expert supporting early stage, VC backed healthcare companies.


He began his career with Great West Life in 1985. In 1989, he joined Oxford Health Plans, an innovative, start-up health carrier. He spent 1989 through 2004 with Oxford in a variety of executive positions growing the company from $10 million to $5.5 billion in revenue. From 1999 through 2004 Kevin was the Executive VP of Sales, Products and Pricing, for the company’s $5.5 billion business, reporting to the company’s CEO. Upon Oxford’s sale in 2004 to United Healthcare, Kevin was named CEO of United’s Northeast Division and was responsible for this $10.0 billion revenue business unit. He left UHC in 2006 and is currently active as an investor, advisor and supporter of a portfolio of companies including acting as Executive Chairman of Health Plan One, Chairman of Picwell, Executive Chairman of Checkpoint HR, Board member of Benestream and co-founder of


Kevin is a Rutgers University graduate.  He lives in Rumson, NJ with his wife and has three children.

Sean McNamara

An entrepreneur for 35 years, Sean is an internationally recognized pioneer in creating marketplaces and companies that disintermediate opaque products and services for the benefit of the larger community of users. He actively supports companies focused on the consumerization of healthcare through pricing and information transparency.


Sean spent the first 25 years of his career in the financial industry as owner of a futures and options trading firm, active angel investor and operator of financial market start-ups. He is co-founder of Intrade, world’s largest prediction market, Quadriserv, a centrally-cleared marketplace for the securities lending transactions, Exchange Lab Inc., an intellectual property development company focused on building a “universal trading platform”, and Binary Event Network, created a social trading platform called Pivit for engaging in a game surrounding real-world events. He also served on the Boards of the New York Futures Exchange, Financial Instruments Exchange (Chairman), FINEX Europe (Founder), and New York Cotton. In 2006, he shifted his efforts to supporting early stage healthcare opportunities focused on the consumerization of healthcare and currently serves on the Board of CareSync and has a full time operating role as an executive in residence. He is also a co-founder of and active investor and advisor to other CDH portfolio companies.


Sean is a Fairfield University graduate. From Basking Ridge, NJ, he currently lives in St. Petersburg, FL with his wife and has three adult children.

Charles O'Neill

Charles (Chuck) O’Neill has spent the past 25 years creating new departments for existing healthcare companies, founding new healthcare companies and consulting with new and emerging healthcare entities to grow their businesses.


He began his career in public relations and in 1992 joined Burson Marsteller working with Fortune 500 companies on major strategic initiatives. In 1994, he joined Oxford Health Plans to create the public relations department. At Oxford, he also developed a benefit management subsidiary which was one of the industry’s first web-based small group products distribution platforms. In 1998, Chuck co-founded TechHealth Inc., a workers compensation management company. He was also founder and CEO of Avalon Healthcare, which was a commercial health plan selling risk bearing health insurance plans to Floridians. For the past 5 years, Chuck has been assisting a number of emerging healthcare services companies including serving as serving the Interim COO for the Massachusetts CO-OP, Minuteman Health.


Chuck is a St. Bonaventure University graduate. From Rochester, NY, he currently lives in Tampa, FL with his wife and their five children.

Boris Khomut

Boris has 10 years of experience working across a variety of healthcare areas, including providers, pharmaceuticals and Health IT. Boris leverages his strong quantitative and analytical skills to build and launch successful revenue-generating products.


Boris began his career as a consultant at Michael Allen Company leading numerous quantitative research studies to optimize the sales and marketing process for healthcare companies. Over the last 4 years Boris has leveraged his analytical and product development experience to start and grow several early-stage healthcare technology companies, including Symbiosis Health, Swellbox, and CareSync.


Boris is a Brown University graduate and Kellogg MBA. He currently lives in New York City.

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