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CDH invests and supports the most promising health technology companies.

We founded CDH with the goal of leveraging our relationships, business acumen, and capital to exploit opportunities in the early stage healthcare arena. We have been very successful in establishing CDH as a meaningful niche player with access to major healthcare VC firms and deal flow.


As investors, advisors, and founders we are focused on the macro theme of consumer-directed healthcare (CDH). More specifically, the traditional model of employer sponsored/subsidized healthcare has resulted in unengaged consumers and a unsustainable cost curve. Now, and with rapid acceleration, millions of consumers are responsible for a greater share of their healthcare expenses either through first dollars obligations of high deductible plans, purchasing individual policies, or opting out of insurance to become cash pay consumers.


Consumers finally have a financial incentive to be prudent managers of their own health and health care expenses. This consumer engagement is a paradigm shift that is unleashing the invisible hand of market forces and is resulting in new business models to control costs, provide transparency, and improve quality and outcomes. 

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